Sikat Lambanog is an imported premium liquor distilled from coconuts designated for those moments of grandiose celebration.



Lambanog is a Filipino liquor distilled from the sap of unopened coconut flowers. Traditionally, it is shared amongst family and friends in times of special celebration such as a graduation or wedding. The tanggero—the designated person to pour the lambanog—initiates the norms on how much must be consumed for every shot and how the lone glass moves around the group. This goes on until the bottle is finished or if the drinkers surrender, which ever comes first. 

In the Philippine culture, the use of a single glass by the drinkers symbolizes trust and "pakikisama" (camaraderie) with one another. Filipinos have a deeper idea of sharing and coming together through the drinking ritual of "tagay," signifying and substantiating the ties that binds friends and families together.

360 view of the bottle's design

the product

Inspired by the tradition of drinking lambanog out of celebration, Sikat is a Tagalog word that translates to “distinguished” or “successful” and was the natural choice for a name. The bottle’s ornate design pulls from common patterns embroidered on Barong Tagalogs (pictured on the right), a piece of men’s clothing traditionally worn to formal events especially weddings. 

Included in this box set is a single shot glass for convenient pouring and as a way to honor lambanog's history. Bring Sikat Lambanog out for special occasions when celebrating a new success in life, love, or otherwise. Gather with friends, family (or both), assign the tanggero role to someone, and enjoy the night’s festivities!