Mahal is an all-natural beauty brand focusing on skin and haircare that exclusively uses ingredients indigenous to the Philippine Islands.


Mahal—dually translating to “love” and “expensive"—is specially curated to fit the needs of users conscious of the contents of their beauty products. Every aspect of the Mahal skin and haircare line uses the most natural ingredients possible, only adding nourishing chemicals where absolutely necessary.  

The Mahal brand presently includes:

  • Mango Pineapple Body Creme

  • Waling-Waling Massage Oil

  • Buko Leave-In Hair Conditioner

  • Taal Volcano Clay Mask with infused Banana Leaf Extract

  • Barako Coffee Scrub 

  • Papaya Bar Soap

Illustrations and color palette in process.

the products

Illustrations and colors complementary to their featured ingredient(s) are paired with each product to elevate its presence on a shelf in stores and in the home. Each illustration was hand drawn based off images found online.

Sample tester packs of each product are also available for those skeptical of its effectiveness on their particular skin type.