FOUND is a small collection of images purchased from second-hand shops curated into mini poster zine.


As a one-week design sprint exercise, I was challenged to concept and print something using all six colors available on our school’s newly acquired Riso SF9450. Amongst other ideas, I finally settled on using found ephemera purchased from secondhand shops in the Bay Area. 

Inspired by John Baldessari’s breadth of work and his use of appropriated images, FOUND uses digital bitmapping and layers of color to mimic screenprints. The end result is a hand-trimmed double-sided poster zine printed on a single sheet of 11x17 paper that utilizes these six colors in a total of nine different layers. 


Appropriated images used for this publication


Other than the technicals of learning how to print on a new machine, shuffling through the many images I’ve collected over the years was perhaps one of the greater challenges. By the end, I decided to stick to photographs that were taken outdoors, whether it was in a city or not.

I ultimately decided on this visual outdoors theme as a way to further propagate the idea of being lost then found again. By using images of the outdoors, the audience is able to ground themselves in a space that potentially feels familiar.  

Left: Front matter and its six corresponding printing layers from yellow, red, medium blue, green, fluorescent pink, and black,

Right: Back matter and its three corresponding layers from black, medium blue, and red.