This children’s book series was written by kids for kids in  Spring 2018   and features eight unique  publications.



Chapter510 facilitated their first Children’s Book Writing Camp in 2018 giving eight young authors the opportunity to write stories for kids their age. The program ran for one week and each student was paired up with an illustrator who was tasked to bring the stories to life. I served as the head designer, production artist, and co-program manager collaborating with each student and illustrator while also balancing

deadlines with the rest of our team. The entire project was developed, printed, and produced in-house within the span of two months. With our limited resources and because of our custom paper size, I had to individually feed each page into our only printer. Though tedious, the work was rewarding and by the end I had produced 200 copies, 25 for each author who participated in the writing camp.

Each mixtape is available on Spotify. Note that several songs are missing because they are not on the platform for listening. These songs include: Happy Line by YUI and Rainbow Trees by Robert de Boron.

Bahay, Buhaybit.ly/bahay-buhay;  Untitledbit.ly/untitled-96; Disorientedbit.ly/disoriented-96; Contentdednessbit.ly/contentedness; Restart / Relapse / Recovery — (1) bit.ly/restart-pt1 (2) bit.ly/restart-pt2


I started out this project by looking at the trajectory of my life. Deciding what years or ages to chunk together in a “chapter” determined what kind of story I wanted to tell. Once I laid down the age range for each CD, I sat down and conceptualized the visuals I’d associate them. 

Once the visuals were finalized, I began to curate a list of songs that would be included in each. To make this project even more personal, I chose to add an element of poetry on the backsides of every album artwork to further emphasize its story.

Process sketches illustrating how each CD mixtape had their own concept and visual attributions in order to encapsulate their specific age range.